About Us

Changes Wellness & Recovery Center offers drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis treatment programs located in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida.  Changes is dedicated to providing high quality care, comprehensive treatment planning, and individualized and holistic care.  The Changes multidisciplinary team is composed of, Psychiatrist, Licensed Therapists (social work, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling); Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners; Nurses; Family Practice Nurse Practitioner; Chiropractor; Physical Therapist; Nutritionist;  and a skilled team of customer service staff.

Changes’ utilizes an abstinence based model which requires complete detoxification from mind or mood altering medications and substances.  Each client is provided an individual assessment and provided alternative treatment or non-addictive medications to help address depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, or any other co-occurring condition.  In addition to the individual, we also provide family treatment to encourage a healthy family system for an even stronger foundation for recovery for the entire support system. The strength in our team creates a solid foundation of recovery from addiction and dual diagnosis.

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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to heal, comfort and care for the people of our community by providing integrated and compassionate health care services, so that they may recover, reintegrate and remain within their communities, physically and mentally healthy.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be a community leader in providing, social and educational
services to address the disparities in the under-served communities.

Our Goal
Our goal is to bridge the gap between the under-served and the social services that are needed.