Expressive Therapy

We at Changes Wellness & Recovery Center understand that speaking to an addiction therapist in a clinical setting is not the only way that patients are able to process their emotions. Experiential therapy helps patients improve coping skills and raise their self-confidence through a series of guided group activities. Activities like art, role playing, meditation, yoga and exercise allow patients to fully express themselves without reservation or fear of judgment.

By allowing our patients to express their innermost feelings and thoughts, the therapists at Changes Wellness & Recovery Center are better able to prepare them for life in post-rehab. Our goals are to help patients uncover hidden feelings and emotions, and to assist them in developing inner-strength. This allows them to more effectively handle the mental disorders which have led to their addiction and to work through any other personal difficulties.

Another benefit of the program is the life skills it arms our patients with. Many who have completed our expressive therapy program have discovered talents and interests that have lasted throughout their lives.