When discussing addiction, the conversation often turns to recovery and saving the patient’s life. However, what about those who lose their independence and have trouble with the basic life skills every adult needs to live on their own?

At Changes Wellness & Recovery Center, we are with our patients through each stage of the recovery process, including after their treatment when they are out on their own or with their families. Our life skills therapy option helps patients relearn the basic tasks that may have lost the ability to do in the wake of their chemical dependency, giving them a better shot at a successful transition and diminishing their chance of relapse.

With the help of their primary therapists and our residential staff, patients learn to live independently again through a variety of therapeutic exercises. Emphasis is placed on the pride that comes with maintaining one’s own living space, as well as on successfully interacting with others. Our residential patients live in beautiful spaces and maintain them throughout their stay with us. We integrate our residences into life skills therapy in an effort to reacquaint our patients with the concept of independent living.